Do I need an appointment to get my pet shots?

NO, an appointment is NOT needed. We have a walk-in shot clinic from 2 PM – 4 PM Monday-Friday. We only
close on major holidays when they fall on weekdays: NewYears Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

How do I know when my pet’s next vaccines are due?

We do offer email reminders, and your bill will list all your pets and when their vaccines are due.

Do I need an appointment for spay or neuter surgery?

YES, you must have an appointment. Please call the office at (520) 624-5005 Monday-Friday 8AM-5 PM for an

Why should I have Arizona Spay Neuter do my pet’s surgery?

We have put into place efficient, cost-effective procedures and techniques so that surgeries are done quickly and provide the safest care for your pet. We will only do routine and low risk surgeries. If your pet is overweight, has a heart murmur or another complication that would indicate a risk for your pet, you will be directed to a full service veterinarian to address those problems and perform the surgery. Your pet’s care is our main concern!

What are the risks involved with spay/neuter surgery?

There is always a risk with surgery, just like in humans! Conditions that can’t be diagnosed by a physical exam may be present. This is very rare, but there is always a risk. The trouble that has been seen the most is when after care instructions are not followed. Patients are usually up and acting normal within 1 to 4 days after surgery and owners sometimes ignore the fact that it takes about 2 weeks for a patient to heal from the
surgery. At home care is VERY important in the recovery process for the pet.

What do I have to do before the surgery?

No food is to be given to your pet after 6PM the night before, but water should be available until you come to
the clinic. You will need to bring your dog on a leash, your cat in a carrier. If you are bringing more than 1 cat,
they must have their own carrier when they are picked up. Do not give any holistic medications or other
medications the day of (or the day before) surgery. If you have a question about a medication that your pet is
taking regularly, please call our office to find out what you are to do. If your pet is sick the day before surgery,
please take it to a full service clinic and call our office to reschedule the surgery.

Why do I need to come between 7am and 7:30am on the day of surgery and how long will I have to stay?

All our surgery patients arrive at the same time. You will need to fill out a consent and information form that we use as your pet’s medical record. The doctor will then do a physical exam, review the medical record and
evaluate your pet for surgery. Once the exam is done, a technician will let you know the findings and tell you when you can come pick up your pet. You will be asked to wait while your invoice is being created. You will be required to pay the estimated cost of the surgery. If there are any other conditions found during the surgery, such as pregnancy, fleas, etc, you may get a call that your bill may change, and you will be responsible to pay the difference when you pick up your pet. After your bill is paid, you can leave until the time you have been told to pick up your pet. Please be sure to give us a phone number where you can be reached.

How can you keep your prices so low?

We do a high volume and have a limited number of services that are offered. We have developed systems that can most efficiently serve our clients and patients. We have 6 technicians who are well-trained to prepare
and recover the patients while the doctor performs the surgery.

Do you offer any discounts?

No, we are sorry but we provide a low cost service already and cannot provide any additional discounts.

My pet has an ear infection, or is limping, or is having diarrhea, or some other issue. Can I bring my pet to you?

NO, we only see “well” patients. You will need to take your pet to a full service veterinarian.

What is the PET FIX program?

Pet Fix is a Pima County program offered to all Pima County residents to help with pet over-population, reduce
the amount of euthanasias, and relieve some of the over-crowding at Pima Animal Care Center. It is meant to
assist in paying for the cost of spaying and neutering pets of county residents who cannot afford to have the
surgery performed. County funds are used to pay a portion of the surgery, and the owner has a co-pay ranging
from $5-$15 depending on need.
Our clinic is given an allotted number of certificates each month to assist with these surgeries and we have
guidelines in place for scheduling the surgeries. We cannot guarantee a certificate will be available when you
call or that you will be able to have the surgery done at your convenience.
PET FIX certificates ONLY cover spay/neuter surgery. Additional charges that might be needed for surgery
such as E-collars, heat or pregnancy charges, pain medication and vaccines are the responsibility of the

Do you offer Care Credit?

No, we are not set up to offer Care Credit.

Can I be billed?

No, you are required to pay for services as they are rendered. We do accept cash, debit cards, Mastercard,
Visa and Discover. We do not accept checks.

My pet needs some medication another veterinarian prescribed and I need a refill. Can you do that?

No, you will need to go to your regular veterinarian to get it refilled.